Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is not medicine in the traditional sense of the word. Most likely, it’s more like a system of prevention of diseases in the human body. The principle of Chinese medicine is that is person in any case should not get sick. It is based on this principle, Chinese physicians developed techniques that would help to detect any illness at its earliest stages of development. However, this does not mean that China is engaged and involved in prevention. Degenerative diseases are also successfully eliminated.

For the past two thousand years, the Chinese practice their ancient methods of treatment, and they show the effectiveness of medicinal plant drugs to modern medicines. However, if conventional medicine in the European countries is the only experience times of drugs in Chinese traditional medicine added one more character – philosophy. Philosophy and medicine in China are closely related to each other. The basic principle of Chinese medicine is the study of balance and harmony, that is, the doctrine of Yin and Yang. Continue reading


Advice of your doctor

One way to rid the human body from many diseases without using medicine is massage.

Use of physical methods of treatment (physical therapy) significantly expands the range of treatment, reduces the treatment time. Advantage of their application is the lack of drug dependence, side effects on tissues and organs, potentiation of the action of some medicines.

Treatment of diseases with the help of lasers comes out today at the forefront of practical medicine. To use a home laser machine does not require any special skills. Methods of treatment are described in detail in the enclosed book.

The use of physiotherapeutic methods can achieve the best effect in the treatment with minimal strain on the human body. Treatment with physiotherapy can be combined with other treatments. Continue reading

Sorcerer “witches market”

One day, a reporter for one of the American Newspapers, suffering from several chronic diseases, has revealed that she turned for help to one of the Bolivian folk healers.

The journalist went to the famous La Paz “witches market” and found there sorcerer.

And then everything happened as on the doctor. Hearing the complaints of the patient, the sorcerer chewed a few Coca leaves; then took them out of his mouth, put in front of him, crossed himself, took a deep breath and exhaled the air is decomposed in the gum.

Then he put on his glasses and began to examine the sheets, reading them with some information.

Paradoxically, the woman was healed after the manipulations done by the Bolivian magician! Followed a series of rave publications; and behold, the sick Europeans and North Americans the shaft pushed in Bolivia. Continue reading