Physiotherapy, SPA-complex, Michur Inn


Unique method allows you to recover many of the functional abilities of the organism and to keep working to a ripe old age, without side effects. The only physical device in the RF received international certificate of conformity, adopted in the EU.

The dosage and treatment regimen selected individually. The average duration of the procedure from 10 to 20 minutes.

MAGNETIC therapy

Impact on physico-chemical and biochemical processes in the body using static magnetic fields. Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, sedative, analgesic effect.

Cedar barrel (barrel)

Modern analogues of this unique ancient invention are not much different from its predecessors: in a small cabin, heat, the action of which is enhanced by the herbs and essential oils. The human head is outside: this design allows to obtain a positive effect of the procedure even for those who cannot handle the traditional pair. Continue reading

Shamans of Buryatia told what awaits us in 2016

Shamans religious organization “Tengeri” predict that the coming year will be full of changes. It will be held under the sign of the monkey, but this animal is very unstable.

However, in General, they believe that the times ahead are prosperity Siberian region, reports UlanMedia news Agency.

In shamanism to refer to the change, using the same totemic system as that of Buddhism. The monkey creature is changeable, we tend to play, to have fun, to be in a bad mood, so the year promises to be changeable, but in General prosperous. Its a New year, Sagaalgan, the shamans have yet to mention. It will be in February, as well as the Buddhists, though in the old shamanic new year is celebrated in late autumn, with the first snow. But the word “Sagaalgan”, the Buddhists have borrowed from shamanism, it meant a holiday with lots of milk “a white food” and white snow. Continue reading

The best recipes for herbal medicines

Pocket herbalist

Herbal medicine (the therapeutic use of medicinal plants) is still relevant, despite the abundance of potent synthetic drugs. Because of the five thousand medicinal substances, that uses modern medicine, about 2/5 are extracted from medicinal plants. Herbal medicines have a number of benefits compared to synthetic: they possess high biological activity, low toxicity and the mildness of the action.

However, it would be erroneous to oppose drugs of plant origin chemical credstar: for the effective treatment of important diseases and those and others. In some cases, the disease can be cured by herbal medicines alone, while other herbs can be only auxiliary means.

Treatment with medicinal herbs, medicinal roots, mushrooms, berries, parts of shrubs and trees has always attracted man. People have long noticed that everything that grows in nature has amazing healing properties. Continue reading