When the leg cramps get help from traditional healers

What happen leg cramps and how to use the recipes of traditional medicine to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon?

It is known that seizures occur due to sudden and involuntary muscular contraction. The main reason for this unpleasant phenomenon was the lack of oxygen causes poor circulation. This sometimes happens while you sleep – who knows?

Also the cause of seizures can be stress and exhaustion, overheating or hypothermia, severe dehydration of the body or wearing tight shoes. Also can cause seizures high heels, vitamin deficiency, lack of calcium in the body, prolonged fasting, varicose veins, or flat feet.

The first thing to do when cramp is to sit down, feet down or pinch a few times for “stiff” place, slightly patting on it. Then we need to touch hands to toes and slowly pull them on. When spasm of muscles will weaken the calf and feet need to lightly caress from the fingertips to the heels, and then from the heels along the calf muscles to the knees. Continue reading

Berries that cure cancer

Insanely important discovery: in Australia discovered the berries are cancer-fighting!

This message is like an explosion: it seems that scientists finally found a cure for cancer . Do the millions of sick people worldwide will finally be hope for recovery?

The vehicle in question, — the miracle berry that grows only in the North-Eastern part of Australia. Their medicinal properties have been identified by chance, but doctors believe that the effectiveness of wild tropical berries surpasses all known up to this point the drug. The drug has already been tested on cancer patients patients. Fontainea picrosperma is the berry that can kill cancer.

Berries against cancer

A group of researchers noticed that animals love to eat juicy berries, and seeds — be sure to spit it out. Animals spit out the bones. Scientists wanted in whatever was to find out the cause of this, and their efforts were rewarded. In the seeds of berries found substances that destroy cancer with great speed. Why not eating animals is still an open question. Continue reading

Altai shamans cast out the financial crisis

His version of the fight against the global financial crisis – the Altai shamans. Now he confronts a huge tambourine, Timer, which means “metal”. It was installed in five-domed mountain Altyn-bash.

The idea to create such a tambourine came to a local artist-ethnographer Artem Ignatenko. In Altai it is known by many as the collector and Keeper of all sorts of legends and stories. This year in June, around the time of the equinox Artem Ignatenko together with a real shaman from the clan of Kumandins performed a ritual of global financial stabilization. It looked like this. In the evening, when communication with the spirits could not interfere with annoying tourists, they went up into the mountain Altyn-bash. The tambourine had a bed sheet. It put nine pellets, salt, sugar, water. The whole night they were kamuli, that is, beating this tambourine, and sang, turning for help to the Sun. However, to help the world of the Altai shamans and failed.

The tambourine Tiber is part of a larger project called “Nine great drums of the Altai”. Continue reading