Shamans of Buryatia told what awaits us in 2016

Shamans religious organization “Tengeri” predict that the coming year will be full of changes. It will be held under the sign of the monkey, but this animal is very unstable.

However, in General, they believe that the times ahead are prosperity Siberian region, reports UlanMedia news Agency.

In shamanism to refer to the change, using the same totemic system as that of Buddhism. The monkey creature is changeable, we tend to play, to have fun, to be in a bad mood, so the year promises to be changeable, but in General prosperous. Its a New year, Sagaalgan, the shamans have yet to mention. It will be in February, as well as the Buddhists, though in the old shamanic new year is celebrated in late autumn, with the first snow. But the word “Sagaalgan”, the Buddhists have borrowed from shamanism, it meant a holiday with lots of milk “a white food” and white snow. Continue reading