Business idea: the Cultivation of medicinal plants

Basically, the idea of business in agriculture often affect growing plants and the production of different goods: for example, sunflower oil, flowers and other fruit crops. But you can use other types of plants. This is not some sort of fruit-berry plants such as pear trees, Apple trees, peach trees, plums, and the most simple plants that have medicinal properties.

In the present day production of plants and sale of therapeutic agents engaged in a small number of companies, as a rule, these are state-owned enterprises. They use the material both imported and of domestic origin. Naturally, not all types of therapeutic drugs can be produced by

our raw material, because not everywhere grow rare plants, such as ginseng, but this does not reduce the level of its production.

The most famous of medicinal plants which we can identify, and which grow in any garden – it’s such as “mother and stepmother”, agrimony, medicinal chamomile, bilberry, and many others. And all these plants, of course, have any use: some allow you to get rid of pain in the head, others clean the intestines, and others localremote heart. Continue reading

The most useful poisons in the world

Consider the use of poisons and poisons of plant animal origin. Some people uses since ancient times, and some still being studied in laboratories. Among these poisons are the most useful and popular in medicine.

Useful poisons of animal origin

As is well known, poisons of animal origin are those used by animals, wanting to kill or paralyze the enemy. Such poisons produced by some species of lizards, snakes, insects, toads, close shellfish and fish. Poisons of animal origin, man has learned to use for medicinal purposes, making of them medicines. Used active substances derived from such poisons.

The venom of the yellow Scorpion

To fight cancer helps the venom of the yellow Scorpion. Of toxic substances this Israeli Scorpion, a group of researchers from Cambridge have managed to separate the protein and used it when creating the poison of artificial origin. Continue reading

Masks zucchini

This mask is made of zucchini nourishes dry and rough skin, prevents wrinkles . Take 1 tablespoon of juice of this vegetable pressed from the shredded pulp. In it, add 1 mashed egg yolk. Mix well and apply on face for 15 minutes. Then remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

* * * * *

Traditional recipes of beauty courgettes are good for cleansing and moisturizing skin: Just chop the pulp of the zucchini on a grater and, having put on gauze, apply to face for 15-20 minutes.

* * * * *

In order to moisturize the skin, slice the zucchini into long thin slices and cover their face and neck. After 20 minutes remove and wash your face with raw milk.

* * * * *

The mask is made of zucchini for the mixed skin . Continue reading