Spicy, aromatic and medicinal plants for decorative garden
Basil has many varieties, differing in flavor and color of the leaves. Very decorative. Marigolds decontaminate the soil. Marigold inflorescences – the erect Tagetes is used as a spice. Borage,…

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The shamans of Peru are messing with the portraits of world leaders
Peruvian shamans came to the beach of Lima, to hold their rituals. Among their attributes - a lot of portraits of leaders of different countries. Why - let's see. Peruvian…

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The last shaman of Taymyr Peninsula

The Film “Taboo. The last shaman” from the cycle “Russian national geography” tells the story of the last Nganasan shaman.

One of Nganasan legends says that once to the fire, which warmed people, ran wild deer, and asked in a human voice to save him from the Stalker wolf. The man grabbed the deer with both hands and threw it into the fire. When he fired, the man took out a charred bone began to forge and forged from them the figures of people. “Of the man, forged from the bones of deer, says the legend, – there was the Nganasan”.

Nya – Nganasan call themselves, the little people of the Central Taymyr Peninsula, the northernmost populations of Eurasia. Only forty years ago they roamed a huge territory – from the Byrranga massif to the Putorana plateau. The Soviet regime was trampling any memories of their ancient culture, forcibly transferring nomadic to sedentary life. Shamans were regarded as dissidents, they were exiled and executed. Now Nganasan live in three small villages of the Central Taimyr. They are only about a thousand people. Continue reading

Shamans of Buryatia told what awaits us in 2016

Shamans religious organization “Tengeri” predict that the coming year will be full of changes. It will be held under the sign of the monkey, but this animal is very unstable.

However, in General, they believe that the times ahead are prosperity Siberian region, reports UlanMedia news Agency.

In shamanism to refer to the change, using the same totemic system as that of Buddhism. The monkey creature is changeable, we tend to play, to have fun, to be in a bad mood, so the year promises to be changeable, but in General prosperous. Its a New year, Sagaalgan, the shamans have yet to mention. It will be in February, as well as the Buddhists, though in the old shamanic new year is celebrated in late autumn, with the first snow. But the word “Sagaalgan”, the Buddhists have borrowed from shamanism, it meant a holiday with lots of milk “a white food” and white snow. Continue reading

Altai shamans cast out the financial crisis

His version of the fight against the global financial crisis – the Altai shamans. Now he confronts a huge tambourine, Timer, which means “metal”. It was installed in five-domed mountain Altyn-bash.

The idea to create such a tambourine came to a local artist-ethnographer Artem Ignatenko. In Altai it is known by many as the collector and Keeper of all sorts of legends and stories. This year in June, around the time of the equinox Artem Ignatenko together with a real shaman from the clan of Kumandins performed a ritual of global financial stabilization. It looked like this. In the evening, when communication with the spirits could not interfere with annoying tourists, they went up into the mountain Altyn-bash. The tambourine had a bed sheet. It put nine pellets, salt, sugar, water. The whole night they were kamuli, that is, beating this tambourine, and sang, turning for help to the Sun. However, to help the world of the Altai shamans and failed.

The tambourine Tiber is part of a larger project called “Nine great drums of the Altai”. Continue reading