The best recipes for herbal medicines

Pocket herbalist

Herbal medicine (the therapeutic use of medicinal plants) is still relevant, despite the abundance of potent synthetic drugs. Because of the five thousand medicinal substances, that uses modern medicine, about 2/5 are extracted from medicinal plants. Herbal medicines have a number of benefits compared to synthetic: they possess high biological activity, low toxicity and the mildness of the action.

However, it would be erroneous to oppose drugs of plant origin chemical credstar: for the effective treatment of important diseases and those and others. In some cases, the disease can be cured by herbal medicines alone, while other herbs can be only auxiliary means.

Treatment with medicinal herbs, medicinal roots, mushrooms, berries, parts of shrubs and trees has always attracted man. People have long noticed that everything that grows in nature has amazing healing properties. And although in ancient times there was no acute environmental problems that face us now, treatment with medicinal herbs possible in our conditions. They just need to follow the rules of collection and harvesting of medicinal plants for future use.

Currently there are a lot of new research issledovatelskaya for bioengineering, involved in the development of dietary supplements, the study of the properties of plants and herbs and their effects on the human body – the study of the medicinal properties of plants is not in place! But despite the huge amount of funds in the Pharmacopoeia pharmacies, produced from vegetable raw materials, anyone can easily cook their own drugs from herbs at home .

Herbal medicine is an effective means of maintaining health and healing the body. Than people closer to nature – the less it hurts! If you want to be healthy, try to live in harmony with nature and yourself. Be healthy!