Altai shamans cast out the financial crisis

His version of the fight against the global financial crisis – the Altai shamans. Now he confronts a huge tambourine, Timer, which means “metal”. It was installed in five-domed mountain Altyn-bash.

The idea to create such a tambourine came to a local artist-ethnographer Artem Ignatenko. In Altai it is known by many as the collector and Keeper of all sorts of legends and stories. This year in June, around the time of the equinox Artem Ignatenko together with a real shaman from the clan of Kumandins performed a ritual of global financial stabilization. It looked like this. In the evening, when communication with the spirits could not interfere with annoying tourists, they went up into the mountain Altyn-bash. The tambourine had a bed sheet. It put nine pellets, salt, sugar, water. The whole night they were kamuli, that is, beating this tambourine, and sang, turning for help to the Sun. However, to help the world of the Altai shamans and failed.

The tambourine Tiber is part of a larger project called “Nine great drums of the Altai”. There is a legend that when selected nine hit in nine great drums on the nine peaks of the Altai mountains, the heavens will open, and Earth will descend grace. Artem Ignatenko says that he heard this legend from one of the shamans, which met in the former Northern region.

It took him several years to create so far only five drums. They aren’t at the top. And serve rather for the entertainment of tourists.

Except the tambourine Tibira is called ITU-Ty. He represents both light and darkness, male and female. On the body of the tambourine shown is a huge tree on one side of the moon (a feminine symbol), and on the other the sun (a male symbol). More recently, ITU-Ty is out of order. And temporarily unavailable for the correction of gender karma. But continue to play other diamonds. In the resort city Belokuriha them for two. This tambourine tambourine Mountains and Water and mineral resources of Altai. They were placed in two sanatoria. Tambourine wildlife was sent to the village with the telling name backwater. This area of lake Aya. For harmony and grace to this world still lacks tambourine Forests, Air, Original fire and the Sun.

As recognized by the author of the idea and the shamanic tambourines, to make the missing tools is not difficult. Much harder to find people that these drums will beat – elect. And it’s not even that needs people with shamanistic gift. No, rather, just need those who will see in the diamond is something more than just a means of earning on the tourists. On our times, they will be elected.