Physiotherapy, SPA-complex, Michur Inn


Unique method allows you to recover many of the functional abilities of the organism and to keep working to a ripe old age, without side effects. The only physical device in the RF received international certificate of conformity, adopted in the EU.

The dosage and treatment regimen selected individually. The average duration of the procedure from 10 to 20 minutes.

MAGNETIC therapy

Impact on physico-chemical and biochemical processes in the body using static magnetic fields. Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, sedative, analgesic effect.

Cedar barrel (barrel)

Modern analogues of this unique ancient invention are not much different from its predecessors: in a small cabin, heat, the action of which is enhanced by the herbs and essential oils. The human head is outside: this design allows to obtain a positive effect of the procedure even for those who cannot handle the traditional pair.

As a rule, the procedure with the provisioning process does not take more than 15-20 minutes. The temperature regime is adjusted individually by a qualified technician. To restore water balance after finding the cedar barrel is best herbal tea.

Indications for use

Kedrovaja significantly alleviates pain in muscles and joints . helping rheumatism and sciatica.

This procedure reduces cholesterol . thus, restoring normal circulation .

The barrel has a beneficial effect on the nervous system .

Enhances immunity .

Positive effect on metabolic processes .

Cedar barrel helps to solve the problem of some skin diseases .

Helps restore proper functioning of the respiratory tract .

Regular use of cedar barrels helps in the fight against excess weight and cellulite .




cirrhosis of the liver;

atrial fibrillation;

deep vein thrombophlebitis;

inflammatory diseases in the acute stage;

cardiovascular diseases in the acute stage;


weak blood circulation in the body.

Duration of procedures is determined individually, in accordance with standard methods and standards for the provision of physiotherapy care to the population, doctor physiotherapist (depending on individual characteristics, stages and duration of the disease, comorbidities, etc.).