Types of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is an approach to the treatment and prevention of disease, with a specific tactics, which primarily assesses the causes and mechanisms of diseases. Important is the fact that many of these approaches appeared long before the formation of modern medicine.

This suggests that formally, they are classic and traditional. Besides there are kinds of alternative medicine: Chinese, Oriental, Tibetan, folk: alternative medicine.

There are several methods used for alternative medicine:

Phytotherapy is the treatment with various medicinal herbs. The use of such herbs in General excellent for the entire body: the blood is purified from toxins, significantly increases the body’s immune system.

Urine therapy – internal or external application of urine of animals or humans to treat. This method in modern medicine is considered dangerous because of the possibility of development of poisoning and the spread of various infections.

In General, methods of folk medicine and alternative therapies in the treatment are very effective against many diseases.

The following method of treatment – homeopathy.

Homeopathy – this sistemalari of various diseases, which is basically the use of small doses of various substances. These substances in high doses causes a variety of symptoms that are very similar to signs of developing the disease.

Naturotherapy is the treatment of drugs of animal, mineral or vegetable origin.

Manual therapy is a complex of different biomechanical techniques, performed by hand, the basic direction is elimination of pain and complete or partial restoration of mobility of all joints and spine.

Hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy (the use for therapeutic purposes and prevention of water in the local baths, showers, body wraps, compresses, douches);

Magnetic therapy is a treatment of pulsed and static magnetic fields.

Treatment diets – food combining diet, carbohydrate-free diet protein-free diet and other diets.

Metalotherapy is attachment to the body of pieces of different kinds of metal.

The centers of alternative medicine, alternative medicine institutes, schools, clinics, doctors of alternative medicine are used in all of the above methods of treatment.

In addition, nonconventional methods of treatment is conventionally divided into two main therapies: complementary and alternative.

Alternative therapy is usually a complete rejection of standard therapy and additional therapy used in conjunction with standard methods of treatment.