When the leg cramps get help from traditional healers

What happen leg cramps and how to use the recipes of traditional medicine to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon?

It is known that seizures occur due to sudden and involuntary muscular contraction. The main reason for this unpleasant phenomenon was the lack of oxygen causes poor circulation. This sometimes happens while you sleep – who knows?

Also the cause of seizures can be stress and exhaustion, overheating or hypothermia, severe dehydration of the body or wearing tight shoes. Also can cause seizures high heels, vitamin deficiency, lack of calcium in the body, prolonged fasting, varicose veins, or flat feet.

The first thing to do when cramp is to sit down, feet down or pinch a few times for “stiff” place, slightly patting on it. Then we need to touch hands to toes and slowly pull them on. When spasm of muscles will weaken the calf and feet need to lightly caress from the fingertips to the heels, and then from the heels along the calf muscles to the knees.

After a small massage need to lie down and raise your feet at an angle not less than 60 degrees. Well, if massage get vodka, warming ointment or Apple cider vinegar. When the convulsions are repeated quite often, it is necessary prismotretsa the diet to include beans, porridge from cereals, honey (up to five teaspoons a day), lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, calcium-containing products (curd, kefir, cheese, sour cream).

Excellent adjuvant in convulsions, is oil of Bay leaf, which is necessary to RUB the calf. It is possible to prepare yourself: take 100 g of crushed Bay leaf, pour 500 ml of vegetable oil, insist in a dark place for two weeks, then filter. Also good would be chamomile or mustard oil.

Effective with the spasm will be the lemon juice is necessary in the morning and the evening to RUB a foot. To obtain the effect will be quite two weeks.

A good remedy for cramps – tincture of flowers, which is the recommended to RUB the legs morning and evening. You can drink tea from chamomile (1 tablespoon of dried flowers, pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes, strain and take half a Cup in a couple of hours after eating).

Relief of cramps, the infusion from 1 tablespoon of lime blossom and yarrow or Cup of boiling water. This drink is best taken hot three times a day for 1/3 Cup.

And yet folk healers recommend if you have leg cramps to take a tincture of thyme. Her recipe: 1 tablespoon of herbs need to pour 100 ml of vodka (moonshine), insist week, strain and drink 15 drops three times a day.