The most useful poisons in the world

Consider the use of poisons and poisons of plant animal origin. Some people uses since ancient times, and some still being studied in laboratories. Among these poisons are the most useful and popular in medicine.

Useful poisons of animal origin

As is well known, poisons of animal origin are those used by animals, wanting to kill or paralyze the enemy. Such poisons produced by some species of lizards, snakes, insects, toads, close shellfish and fish. Poisons of animal origin, man has learned to use for medicinal purposes, making of them medicines. Used active substances derived from such poisons.

The venom of the yellow Scorpion

To fight cancer helps the venom of the yellow Scorpion. Of toxic substances this Israeli Scorpion, a group of researchers from Cambridge have managed to separate the protein and used it when creating the poison of artificial origin.

The venom of the yellow Scorpion are useful in the treatment of cancer

A unique protein capable of finding cancer cells of the brain, connect with them and connect with radioactive iodine. Thus, cancer cells are destroyed, and the hard treated, the disease can retreat.

The venom of ocasinogameonline1

For the pharmaceutical industry particularly valuable supply of snake venom. It is known that in the mokassinovogo Copperhead venom contains a protein called Contortrostatin. This protein is successfully used to fight cancer cells.

The poison of the digitalis

Based on this terrible poison plant to produce the drug digitalin, enhance cardiac contractility. By using this tool you can monitor heart rate. People with heart disease digitalin is prescribed quite often.

The poison of Aconite

Roots and ground part of the flower of Aconitum are poisonous. From Aconite to the middle of the last century, Western medicine made a lot of medications. Today they were replaced by more modern and efficient counterparts.

The most popular poisons used as medicines

The most popular poisons which man uses as drugs, are snake venom and poison Hemlock. I must say that the scientists of many countries, despite the widespread use of such poisons, continue research to identify additional options for their use.

The Hemlock

One of the most known and widely used in the world is the Hemlock. The most important and toxic alkaloid, extracted from the Hemlock, is called Konin, whose structure is similar to nicotine. This neurotoxin is extremely dangerous for all living organisms, as they are able to disrupt the Central nervous system.

The beneficial properties of snake venom