Physiotherapy in Bryansk, medical center "My doctor"
Physiotherapy is a treatment that uses chemical agents (medication), and physical: currents, magnetic fields, laser, ultrasound, etc. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine, which…

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The health of the coral mine, Coral Club
Is there anything in life that is more valuable than your health and the health of their loved ones? Coral club international (Coral Club International) - offers to arm a…

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What medications must be in the home medicine Cabinet

Every family should have its own home first aid kit. What is it for people without medical education? In order to have time to provide first aid until the arrival of the local doctor or ambulance crews. What medications should be in your medicine chest and how to properly store them will be discussed in this article.

Basic rules of storage of medicines in the home medicine Cabinet

* All medications must be stored in a cool dark place and in any case should not be exposed to sunlight.

* Before putting the medicines in the storage, pay attention to instruction. It will be told at what temperature they can be kept at home. Some medicines are stored at room temperature, and some need to be placed in the refrigerator.

* Annotations (instructions) never throw away. It is better that they were in a box with the drug, to avoid poisoning and other more serious consequences.

* Once a year inspect the medicines in the home medicine Cabinet, check the expiration date. Expired medications will not hesitate throw away. Try in advance to fill the missing drugs.

* Open bottles of injectable, eye drops, nose and ear, otkrytiyami in the refrigerator for up to one month.

* And the most important rule: keep medicines away from small children. The negligence of adults can lead to tragedy.

Medication quick response in the home medicine Cabinet

First aid kit rapid response place in the kitchen. That was where most of the injuries. Cuts and burns that you get while cooking, can be serious and deep. So get ready with the following medications:

* Hydrogen peroxide 3%- 1-2 bubble

* Remedy of burns, it is better that it was a spray

* Alcohol, for the treatment of wounds

* Band-aid

* Cotton wool or cotton pads

* Bandage, it is desirable to have two-one sterile, the other normal

* Zelenka or iodine

* Scissors

* Antihistamines

Basic medicines in the home medicine Cabinet

This kit should be stored medicines, with which you can provide first aid. Do not buy the most expensive drugs. It is important to know that in which disease should be taken.

* Thermometer for measuring body temperature

Medication for pain in the stomach and in cases of poisoning

* Activated charcoal or smectite

* Laxatives

* Potassium permanganate for gastric lavage in case of poisoning

Medications for other conditions