The use of herbs for health

The use of medicinal herbs without special chemical treatment so effectively that led to the emergence of a whole section of cosmetology, called “phytocosmetics”. Phytocosmetics is a cosmetic herbal drugs, according to

The abundance growing literally under our feet valuable medicinal herbs opened up broad prospects for phytocosmetics.

Until the beginning of XX century the absolute majority of traditional means of Facials, hair and body were fitokosmetiki.

Used to this day recipes packs, facial masks from berries, fruits, vegetables, various extracts from seeds, flowers, herbs, leaves, on the one hand, have their roots in antiquity, and on the other hand, modern makeup put on a strictly scientific basis and now apply a lot of drugs, among which a prominent place occupied by medicinal plants.

Herbal ingredients have a beneficial effect on the skin: improve metabolism, have anti-inflammatory, tonic, astringent, disinfectant action, prevent premature aging of the skin.

Most domestic creams, toothpastes, shampoos contain in their composition components of plant origin. In terms of quality they are not only equal to Zarubezhnaya, but even surpass them, as prepared for natural raw materials.

Modern cosmetology is already, fortunately, passed the period of fascination with chemicals, and now we are back to natural sources.

Vegetable cosmetic raw materials — medicinal plants, grain crops, fruits, vegetables, fruits and berries. Are also used and their by-products, extracts, infusions, essential oils and fats.

Phytocosmetics contains a balanced complex of biologically active substances that have specific effects on the human body and, of course, on our skin.