Dangerous herbs
The use of medicinal plants to the detriment of patient - big issue of phytotherapy. Harmless drug in the hands of medicine. Poison in competent hands is a medicine. Poison…

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The best recipes for herbal medicines
Pocket herbalist Herbal medicine (the therapeutic use of medicinal plants) is still relevant, despite the abundance of potent synthetic drugs. Because of the five thousand medicinal substances, that uses modern…

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Business idea: the Cultivation of medicinal plants

Basically, the idea of business in agriculture often affect growing plants and the production of different goods: for example, sunflower oil, flowers and other fruit crops. But you can use other types of plants. This is not some sort of fruit-berry plants such as pear trees, Apple trees, peach trees, plums, and the most simple plants that have medicinal properties.

In the present day production of plants and sale of therapeutic agents engaged in a small number of companies, as a rule, these are state-owned enterprises. They use the material both imported and of domestic origin. Naturally, not all types of therapeutic drugs can be produced by

our raw material, because not everywhere grow rare plants, such as ginseng, but this does not reduce the level of its production.

The most famous of medicinal plants which we can identify, and which grow in any garden – it’s such as “mother and stepmother”, agrimony, medicinal chamomile, bilberry, and many others. And all these plants, of course, have any use: some allow you to get rid of pain in the head, others clean the intestines, and others localremote heart. When come across such kinds of plants, which have a systemic effect on the organism: when used medicines with these plants, they have a good impact to several organs of the body simultaneously.

The most common plant is “mother and stepmother”. The value is quite substantial. It will help alleviate the pain, lowers body temperature, improves digestion and restores. And because of its use for the manufacture of drugs, such as medicine and tincture, powders make this business very attractive and profitable. In our time are not all the plants that can be used to cure many diseases.

Not so popular a plant as licorice. This is a fairly rare plant that can cure various diseases. For example, infusion of licorice helps with colds, kidney disease. Thus, this area is very promising. Not all plants used in modern medicine, allowing effectively to cope with the disease, which opens up new fields for business.