Folk remedies of treatment of tuberculosis

In today’s day of advanced technology and rapid pace of development in practically all areas of production and science, medicine also does not remain aloof. Now there are so many different institutes and laboratories, which annually represent to the public more and more effective medicines. However, even in such a time, are still popular other techniques, sometimes came to us from our ancestors, when science and medicine were not as well developed. You can find enough examples to demonstrate that traditional treatment techniques are still popular and effective. The following paragraphs will describe one of them.

Treatment of tuberculosis of the popular methods are no less efficient than modern medicines. This disease has been known for a long time and only at the dawn of its birth brought many problems to the human population. However, at the time of its inception, mankind has not had such an extensive medical Institute and had to find other ways. The most popular and efficient method showed the use of mole crickets. TB treatment in this way has proved to be a popular today.

The mole cricket is a large insect live almost everywhere. However, for the treatment of tuberculosis of the blood coagulation mechanism mainly individuals from the Asian region, the most popular mole crickets from the island of Hainan. This is because in our climate, the insects of this type produce the effect of ferasa, in only one month of the year – may. And this effect is key for the treatment of tuberculosis. In addition, you need to podgadat time, you also need to correctly and at a certain temperature to process specimen, caught in countries with hot climate. Also important is the fact that in our countries, insects of this type are considered garden pests and are poisoned and mercilessly exterminate the farmers. Given this fact, there is a risk of gaining poisoned by the chemicals of the drug, so it’s best to buy Asian mole crickets.

A method of treatment of tuberculosis, this method is very simple and does not require special and specific knowledge. You only need to acquired individual grind and mix with jam or honey liqueur if desired, and stir to obtain a homogeneous substance and ingest. Normally this course lasts for two or three days, take the medicine 3 times a day before eating, then drink warm boiled water.

To sum up we can say that this type of treatment of tuberculosis is very easy to use, relatively inexpensive and has proven itself over a long period of time. I would also like to add that besides medical properties, it boosts immunity and contains useful substances to the body.