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Sorcerer “witches market”

One day, a reporter for one of the American Newspapers, suffering from several chronic diseases, has revealed that she turned for help to one of the Bolivian folk healers.

The journalist went to the famous La Paz “witches market” and found there sorcerer.

And then everything happened as on the doctor. Hearing the complaints of the patient, the sorcerer chewed a few Coca leaves; then took them out of his mouth, put in front of him, crossed himself, took a deep breath and exhaled the air is decomposed in the gum.

Then he put on his glasses and began to examine the sheets, reading them with some information.

Paradoxically, the woman was healed after the manipulations done by the Bolivian magician! Followed a series of rave publications; and behold, the sick Europeans and North Americans the shaft pushed in Bolivia.

Today there can be treated not only to the “witches market”. Increasingly popular healers that live high in the mountains; on the reception to them thousands of tourists from Europe and America.

These healers are called Kallawaya, or the Gypsies of South America, because of their nomadic lifestyle. They were healers in the times of the ancient Incas, but now I calavia treated the majority of Bolivians.

A tribe of wandering healers constantly peremeschaetsya Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. Most often, calavia are walking through a tropical jungle, on the high plateau.

They have proven themselves to be unsurpassed by travelers who never stray from the directions. On the road “Gypsies” collect herbs and healing are successful — mainly, where has never seen real doctors.

As a result of the influx of wealthy patients from Europe and the USA many of Calvia began to settle down in cities where they have a wealthy clientele.

According to scientists, “the Gypsies of South America” used to treat the unique mountain grass, in which the detected components to fight even with diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Here today are exploring a pharmaceutical company, hoping to take away from the Bolivian healers their secrets, accumulated over its thousand-year practice.

Local authorities not only do not pursue traditional healers, but even in every way watch over, to preserve their unique gift