Advice of your doctor

One way to rid the human body from many diseases without using medicine is massage.

Use of physical methods of treatment (physical therapy) significantly expands the range of treatment, reduces the treatment time. Advantage of their application is the lack of drug dependence, side effects on tissues and organs, potentiation of the action of some medicines.

Treatment of diseases with the help of lasers comes out today at the forefront of practical medicine. To use a home laser machine does not require any special skills. Methods of treatment are described in detail in the enclosed book.

The use of physiotherapeutic methods can achieve the best effect in the treatment with minimal strain on the human body. Treatment with physiotherapy can be combined with other treatments.

Under the effect of low-level radiation changes the cell membrane and intracellular formation, which leads to increased activity of transport of substances through the membrane and increased basic bioenergetic processes, i.e. low-intensity red and infrared radiation have a marked regenerative, trophic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

In this stateprivate a brief review of the methods of physiotherapy.

The therapeutic effect of the method manifests itself in a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and trophic action, sedative and pain medication effect, to strengthen the regenerative processes of damaged tissues. The magnetic field is well tolerated, gradual development of therapeutic effect.

Physiotherapy is a variety of treatment of physical impacts and procedures, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Electrotherapy is rapidly gaining ground. And this is no coincidence — the method is simple, effective and practically safe. Such a successful combination of three necessary conditions makes the electro more and more popular both among doctors and among patients.

At the moment identified about 150 diseases that are successfully treated by the method of magnetic-infrared-laser therapy. MILT devices have been successfully used in surgery, gynecology, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, dentistry, Pediatrics, sports medicine and other areas.