The use of medicinal plants in folk medicine

The use of medicinal plants in scientific and folk medicine has a long tradition. They have long enjoyed popularity among the population.

Currently in academic medicine, there are about 250 species of medicinal plants and raw materials obtained on their basis. Folk medicine knows much more. Description of medicinal properties of plants due to the presence of various composition and structure of natural biologically active substances (glycosides, polysaccharides, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, vitamins, minerals, acids, enzymes, etc.)

The benefits of medicinal plants

Based on the chemical nature of the active agent, medicinal plants have several biological activities and are used in the treatment of many diseases. The advantage of medicinal plants over synthetic drugs is that they are contained in those substances act on the body the patient comprehensively. It is noticed that therapeutic effect of herbal medicines more effective the more fully preserved natural combination of ingredients. With the destruction of the natural complex of the desired effect is eliminated or greatly attenuated.

The use of medicinal plants in folk medicine

In the last decade due to the emergence of a new disease – the “drug disease” – the relevance of the use rastitelnojadnye and preparations on its basis is only increasing. Their advantage is, as a rule, low toxicity and the possibility of prolonged use without risk of side effects. However, describing the healing properties and experience in the people medicinal plants, the authors of this publication considered it his duty to warn readers who do not have medical or pharmaceutical education, about the dangers of self-medication. Medicinal plants and their drugs can be used only on doctor’s prescription, as inept and excessive use of valuable properties of plants can bring instead, irreparable harm to health.

Nature is the storehouse from which man has long been taking various medicinal plants. Every year increases the number of species recorded in the Red book of the USSR and the Red data book of the USSR. Sometimes valuable medicinal plants ruthlessly destroyed, there is a real danger of complete disappearance of some of them.

Therefore, sustainable use, enhancement and conservation of medicinal plant resources it is necessary to remember all who cherish the nature of our country. “Green pharmacy” to serve man!