Dangerous herbs

The use of medicinal plants to the detriment of patient – big issue of phytotherapy.

Harmless drug in the hands of medicine.

Poison in competent hands is a medicine.

Poison in the hands of the ignorant is poison.

At the moment there are a few “problem” plants. These herbs on the Internet is recommended for use all diseases. Indications are growing by leaps and bounds. In the meantime, check out these “indications” in the normal literature is difficult. Very few sources to 90 years described these plants. Simple layman need to be very careful with herbs.

Hellebore Caucasian, Stevia, upland uterus, Red brush, etc.

These include Sage and Knotweed. Currently assigns the property to regulate the level of hormones in conjunction with upland uterus and red brush.

Separately, there are poisonous herbs. Everyone knows about them. Their toxicity is not in dispute. But they are using these plants with a normal inflammatory processes. In my opinion, is an unjustified burden on the body. Such plants are best applied in situations where the risk to the patient is less than the severity of the underlying disease together with safe herbs. Basically we are talking about cancer. To apply them in other situations I don’t see the point. This lacierva and herbal drugs:

Celandine, Hemlock, Chaga (birch fungus), etc.

There are a number of herbs do not have toxic effects, but the application may increase inflammation in some organs and systems:

Horsetail, Knotweed, Rose, etc.

Many herbs stimulate uterine tone. Therefore, they cannot be used in pregnancy:

Oregano (Oregano), Thyme, tansy and many others.

I urge you to be prudent and to reduce to a problem of grass from the application. Take care of health.

Safe medicinal herbs very much. Use them. Check description for literature published in the USSR. Until 90-ies of any statement was tested on hundreds of patients. At the moment it is difficult to check the veracity of “new” evidence.

Use lekarstvennyh plants should be safe!

I suggest to think twice before the use of untested medicinal plants.

Your body one, it has not sold repair parts.