Ayurvedic treatment and Healers

Alternative medicine in all ages was an alternative medicine recognized. While some aspects used in the methods of unconventional medicine and not clear, difficult to reconstruct non-professionals and even dangerous in their hands, experienced experts in their field, dealing with alternative medicine my entire life, hands as if enchanted to work wonders . And your knowledge of healers exceptionally talented students.

Just thanks to the individual approach to the treatment of diseases, the use of alternative treatment by special methods, difficult to reproduce in traditional clinical practice of these therapies was not included. And health tours in the tropics began to enjoy wide popularity.

Alternative medicine in far East countries, island countries have successfully developed and improved over hundreds or even thousands of years. The impact is not manifested in the symptom of the disease, and the organism as a whole; treating not the disease but the patient – that the fundamental principles of alternative medicine. To go for rehabilitation in the tropics and receive a full course of individual treatment, coupled with the stunning beauty of the surrounding environment, than healing is not eco-tourism ?

The oldest sources of knowledge about the metabolism in the body, on the circulation of vital energy carefully skryvayutsya the layman, but the fact that this treatment gives great results, is already widely known.

For a more detailed vedelem the following treatment methods:

Ayurveda in India

Popular tours in India not only the opportunity to admire the beauty of ancient architecture and the peculiarities of Eastern religion with its many temples. Many travelers are especially attracted by the treatment of Ayurveda in India .

Ayurvedic treatment principle is that using all three components of human existence in the complex therapy of the patient. Ayurvedic treatment is three principles, “three Doshas”: biologicheskii ballance, physiological bases of anatomy and psychological state of body and mind. Based on the maintenance of natural balance, Ayurveda in India, teaches a holistic approach to the perception of life and yourself.

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