Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is not medicine in the traditional sense of the word. Most likely, it’s more like a system of prevention of diseases in the human body. The principle of Chinese medicine is that is person in any case should not get sick. It is based on this principle, Chinese physicians developed techniques that would help to detect any illness at its earliest stages of development. However, this does not mean that China is engaged and involved in prevention. Degenerative diseases are also successfully eliminated.

For the past two thousand years, the Chinese practice their ancient methods of treatment, and they show the effectiveness of medicinal plant drugs to modern medicines. However, if conventional medicine in the European countries is the only experience times of drugs in Chinese traditional medicine added one more character – philosophy. Philosophy and medicine in China are closely related to each other. The basic principle of Chinese medicine is the study of balance and harmony, that is, the doctrine of Yin and Yang. According to Chinese doctors, almost all diseases occur because of the lack of balance between these two first principles.

In today’s world every person should regularly, at least several times a year to visit a doctor. In ancient times, in Europe doctors were visited less often. However, in China, a kind of “routine physical examination” for any person comes only three times in my life – five years, thirty years and fifty years. The Chinese believe that at these ages a person begins to change rapidly and activate a lot of internal processes. Upon activation of such processes can damage the balance of internal forces, which can lead to a variety of consequences.

Diagnostic techniques of Chinese physicians too kind. Usually basis of diagnosis can be described as four separate methods: examination with the help of smell and hearing, visual inspection of the body of the patient, palpation of organs and the probing pulse, the questioning of the patient about his feelings.

I wonder what Chinese doctors can do very subtly hear the same heart rate – among them spread out over ten different types of pulsation of vessels, according to which it is possible to classify the illness or condition.

The main treatment methods include three methods: acupuncture, massage or traditional medicines.