The last shaman of Taymyr Peninsula

The Film “Taboo. The last shaman” from the cycle “Russian national geography” tells the story of the last Nganasan shaman.

One of Nganasan legends says that once to the fire, which warmed people, ran wild deer, and asked in a human voice to save him from the Stalker wolf. The man grabbed the deer with both hands and threw it into the fire. When he fired, the man took out a charred bone began to forge and forged from them the figures of people. “Of the man, forged from the bones of deer, says the legend, – there was the Nganasan”.

Nya – Nganasan call themselves, the little people of the Central Taymyr Peninsula, the northernmost populations of Eurasia. Only forty years ago they roamed a huge territory – from the Byrranga massif to the Putorana plateau. The Soviet regime was trampling any memories of their ancient culture, forcibly transferring nomadic to sedentary life. Shamans were regarded as dissidents, they were exiled and executed. Now Nganasan live in three small villages of the Central Taimyr. They are only about a thousand people.

Nganasan traditional culture remains essentially only in the memory of old people. However, in the archives of the Institute of Ethnology and anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences preserved film materials ethnographic expedition 1968, is dedicated to two Nganasan shaman who conducted the ceremony of meeting the first snow.

The authors of the film vstretilis a descendant of the shamans, by Leonid Tabakovic Kosterkina, and his family. They learned how the life of the last shaman of Taimyr, managed to save the entire necessary Arsenal, inherited from father and grandfather, and approached the true secret ritual – home, “for the”. They are also able to hear firsthand Nganasan songs and ancient tales – an unusually poetic and mystical.

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Nikita Khokhlov – candidate of biological.N. Director of the TV company “Ethno-online”.

Nikolay Pluzhnikov – candidate of historical Sciences, the ethnographer.

Jini Stefania (Italy) – producer, journalist, traveler.