Cold. Treatment of folk remedies

The common cold is one of those diseases that everyone in your life occurs not once, not twice. In the early stages to get rid of the disease by using folk remedies, alleviate the symptoms and ease the condition as a whole.

The most common way of getting rid of the common cold and its symptoms – use lemon. Lemon by itself is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine, therefore, lemon tea is very good against the disease.

Thinly slice the lemon into small slices or squeeze it, pour on top of hot boiled water, add sugar to your liking. But if you have a cold, it is recommended to drip into the nose two to three drops of lemon juice three times per day.

Also known is the treatment of raspberries. In addition, raspberries can excellent to reduce the temperature. During treatment, eat more jam from raspberries and drink a decoction of its fruits.

Excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties has all the plantain. So if you are sick with a cold, his plantain infusion drink two mugs a day. If necessary to bring the temperature down, take one big spoon juice of plantain twice a day, and cough syrup use the psyllium husk – it is an indispensable tool!

Bee honey is a good remedy for a huge number of diseases. During a cold ingest one tablespoon three times a day, it is still possible to add it to water or tea, mix with lemon juice. However, remember that heating honey decreases its beneficial properties, so do not place it in too hot tea or boiling water.

When the cold also makes a cranberry. The juice from the berries – just an excellent medicine. It would not only reduce the temperature but enhances the effect of any pills, so such medications doctors usually recommend drink berry juice. The fact that the cranberry is rich in tannin, which promotes the excretion of various harmful substances and harmful bacteria from the body. Cranberry juice with honey helps with coughing.

Using a meat grinder grind the lemon and the orange with a glass of cranberries and then eat the resulting “mush” throughout the day. Or add to a missed through the meat grinder Cup cranberries polstakanchika the sugar, then bring the mass to boil, and after the resulting mass pour a glass of vodka. Then let stand and eat before meals of fifty grams three times a day.

However, if this treatment does not bring results, do not risk your health and immediately contact your doctor for help. Talking about binary options, you with the confidence to cut with this field of scams.