Encyclopedia of Bashkiria → MEDICINAL PLANTS

MEDICINAL PLANTS, a large group of p-tions used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of people and train-tions. In Bashkortostan there are 120 species of wild L. R. used in scientific. medicine. and over 200 species in the Nar. medicine. R. L. has long been used, but special. studies. until Oct. the revolution was not carried out. It is known that in 1933 it exported over 40 tons of Valerian. Before the great Patriotic war harvested over 50 species of L. R. in the military. years logging has increased. L. R. studied mn. botany (A. E. Lind, M. I. Kotov, E. N. Klobukova Beneficial. L. L. Kulikov, A. A. Muldashev, etc.), pharmacists (I. A. Lerman, D. N. Lazarev. N. And.Kuznetsova, Z. I. Lagno, F. S. Saradi, H. M. Nasyrov, etc.).

Medicinal plants 1 – hawthorn blood-red 2 – 3 cranberry – viburnum opulus 4 – blueberry 5 – Valeriana officinalis 6 – watch a three 7 – bistort 8 – 9 Burnet officinalis – nettle 10 – 11 Lycopodium clavatum – knotweed 12 – spring 13 Gorsvet – Matricaria bezyazychnaya 14 – 15 Valerian – Valerian 16 – origanum vulgare 17 – the horsetail 18 – 19 celandine – Cichorium intybus These studies. held at the Institute of biology USC RAS, Bashkir state Philharmonic. medical University. Bashkir gosudarstvennogouniversiteta. Bashkir state agrarian University. Explored reserves of mn. the species of wild R-tions, developed rules of their rational use (E. V. Kucherov. Galeeva A. Kh., I. B. Goranova, etc.). Under the hands. farmakol. service and consumer cooperatives are harvested annually from 500 to 1,000 tons of drugs. raw materials. In OSN. use the spring Adonis, oak, oregano ordinary, Hypericum perforatum, Leonurus cardiaca, majalis, shchitovnik male, nettle, etc. For the protection of L. R. 12 reserves. Specialized. W “Saffron” grows more than 10 kinds of L. R.

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