Medicinal herbs in the human diet

Herbs can be used not only for diseases, but also the length of cooking. In this case, the therapeutic properties of the herbs do not disappear. Back in the old days the people lived on herbs, berries and plants that they found in the forest.

Gradually herbs became a daily human diet. But in our time in the food composition are very rare medicinal plants. This is due to the fact that modern technologies of food production based on rapid production and low cost.

Therefore, for the sake of greater profits, it is illegal to use many medicinal plants. Few people know that for example in bread before added nettles. Scientists have proved that due to the abolition of medicinal supplements, people have become more more likely to get sick.

This is because the body feels the lack of vitamins for good work. And to obtain these vitamins can eating only herbs. In the modern world herbs are applied only for the preparation of decoctions or infusions, which are needed to treat certain diseases.

But you should know that medicinal plants are not able to completely replace chemical drugs. After all, herbs for natural healing the body and prevention of diseases.

Medical deistvitelino are soft and gradual, not suitable if you need urgent treatment. But, it is better to avoid disease than to undergo a long course of treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to add in food and medicinal plants. It is unlikely that people return to the days when adding herbs to your food is compulsory. So you should add them yourself.

For example, nettle, birch leaf, calendula can be a useful addition to vegetable salads. Yarrow, quinoa, nettle, Melissa, chamomile is well suited for the preparation of herbal soup. Also these plants can be added when cooking the usual soup.

Burdock, mother-and-stepmother should be added to the porridge. Melissa and sage are fragrant seasoning to various dishes. And from the sea buckthorn and hawthorn, you can even make jam. Small, daily doses of medicinal plants saturate the body with essential nutrients and vitamins.