Traditional medicine

We’ve all heard the term ” folk medicine “. What is it? Traditional medicine is a concept that includes methods of treatment that have been accumulated for thousands of years. Recipes of traditional medicine are simple and effective, and their beneficial effect is proved by many generations of people. For a long time there was no separation on folk medicine and traditional medicine (in this case traditional medicine is synonymous with the concepts of classical medicine and conventional medicine). Only subsequently, the medicine has gained scientific basis and was divided into traditional medicine (formal) and folk. In traditional medicine follows such principles as: scientism – all treatment must be justified from a scientific point of view; the effectiveness of treatment, which should be proven in laboratory and scientific research; pragmatism.

Now, currently there are both traditional medicine and folk medicine. And in most cases, traditional medicine is no less effective than traditional. No, we are not called upon to give up completely on traditional medicine in favor of folk, but be applied in therapeutic purposes and preventive needs.Because human health depends primarily on himself and upon his lifestyle, and the body of each person has its own individual characteristics,including diseases (different people have the same disease may be different). And who as not we best know our own body and its features. To paraphrase the words of the famous Soviet film, you can say: “doctor you may not be, but to help themselves obliged.”

You can’t reject modern scientific developments and discoveries in the field of traditional medicine, but also to forget the centuries-tested methods of treatment of traditional medicine. Even modern doctors often combine in the treatment of diseases remedies and traditional folk medicine, and many modern medicines are based on natural vegetable or animal origin.