The shamans of Peru are messing with the portraits of world leaders

Peruvian shamans came to the beach of Lima, to hold their rituals. Among their attributes – a lot of portraits of leaders of different countries. Why – let’s see.

Peruvian shamans on the eve of the New year, make traditional offerings to the gods and trying to predict what will happen to their country and the world in the next year.

A sore subject – the dispute between Peru and Chile on the Maritime boundary. On the beach in Lima healers spread out portraits of the President of Peru, as well as the outgoing and newly elected presidents of Chile. They immerse the image in the water, believing that it will help the heads of neighboring States to unite and live in harmony.

Now the case concerning the territorial dispute pending before the International court of justice in the Hague, and the decision will be made on January 27. The shamans hope that it will suit both sides.

Juan Jsko, the shaman:

“We make offerings to AKUMAL (the spirit of the snake representing water) to the Hague came up with a good solution that was good for both countries that they came together and there was no more swearing and unhappiness”.

Also shamans are asking for world peace.

Juan Jsko, the shaman:

“In our rituals we ask (spirit sun) Taita-Inti, we ask the sea to bring the world peace and unity and, most importantly, to stop the innocent die the children who don’t understand why these wars”.

There are among shamanic props and portrait of Barack Obama. From him the Peruvians want immigration reform that will allow undocumented immigrants in the United States, many of whom are Peruvians, to leave the shadow economy and to work legally.

Juan Jsko, the shaman:

“We see that Obama will hold immigration reform, and many will be happy. We also see that some people will be unhappy. But the positive force respawn because it will protect the spirits of the ancestors”.

Peruvian shamans generally like to predict upcoming events in the world. For example, last year they predicted that Obama will defeat his opponent, Republican MITT Romney, in the presidential election.