Landscape design on the farm: we grow medicinal plants

Probably, many residents of country houses are trying to take full advantage of the infield. In front of the house often have beautiful rose gardens, ponds, Alpine slides. Behind the house, often unfolds a beautiful garden with fruit trees. In the garden many vegetables with their hands. In the process of creating a landscape design is very important to properly dispose of free land resources, and to choose design options. Often today in home gardens people try to grow medicinal plants. Especially popular it has become among those people who understand it is important care and cleaning of your body, and know that only natural methods of care able to please a great result.

Planning landscape design

If you have decided to grow medicinal plants. we need to determine the plants that can be grown at home. Most grow chamomile, calendula, elecampane. No less popular was the cultivation of rosehips, and sea buckthorn. Firstly, these bushes can be a great decoration overall landscape design. Secondly, they have a very useful fruit that nowadays very actively used as in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and in the manufacture of high-quality cosmeticscosmetics. Medicinal plants are best grown in the shade, so chamomile and calendula can be planted directly in the shade of the trees. During flowering it will complement the brightness of the surroundings of your garden. The rosehip and sea-buckthorn can be planted almost anywhere, is very hardy shrubs. When planning a landscape design always try to divide the zones of decoration and areas for growing medicinal plants.

Where better to plant medicinal plants

In fact, almost all medicinal plants are very resistant to all environmental conditions. But, it is better to refrain from planting such plants along the road. Still, in the future, the plants will be used for therapeutic purposes, and therefore need to choose a place near the house. It is best not to plant these plants in close proximity with decorative roses, this neighborhood will lead to the fact that very soon the rose “score” other plants and you will not get the desired result. No need to plant medicinal plants near mulberry and around vegetable crops.