Spicy, aromatic and medicinal plants for decorative garden

Basil has many varieties, differing in flavor and color of the leaves. Very decorative.

Marigolds decontaminate the soil. Marigold inflorescences – the erect Tagetes is used as a spice.

Borage, borage, borage, borage . The greenery, the taste and smell of cucumber. Beautiful blue flowers zatsukrovuyut.

Oregano – a plant with pleasant aroma, increasing in Sunny weather. Blooms for a long time. Can be used in pickling cucumbers and mushrooms, add to meat and sauces.

Common hyssop . There are three forms: white, blue and pink flowers. Used in the preparation of dishes from meat, fish, potatoes, beans, pickling cucumbers and tomatoes.

Medicinal calendula disinfects the soil, helps with fungal diseases of plants. Has antimicrobial activity.

Catnip, catmint. The flowers are white, pink, lilac. Not only decorative flowers but also grayish-blue leaves. Can be used as a border plant. Especially appreciated the form, with lemon flavor, which is called lemon Catnip.

Smellage – medicinal and spice plant. Thanks to a very beautiful ornamental pinnate-dissected leaves.

Bee balm dual. bee balm is fistular, lemon bee balm (the most fragrant). I monardafistulose there are dwarf varieties, characterized by longer flowering, the smell is reminiscent of the savory. The scent of monarda dual similar to citrus.

Peppermint is used as salad greens. Mentha longifolia is the highest (up to 1 m). The flowers are purplish, the leaves are almost grey. Peppermint spearmint . or curly . especially ornamental, the flowers are pinkish-purple, used for decoration of dishes.

Nasturtium has large fresh leaves. The flowers and unripe seeds are used in salads and meat dishes.

Perilla frutescens has a foliage with a purple color. Inherent aroma with hints of cinnamon. Young leaves are put in salads.

Thyme is used to flavor meat, mushroom and fish dishes, it is added to marinades and pickles.

Echinacea – a great immune stimulator. Numerous varieties of colored blossoms from white to purple.