The health of the coral mine, Coral Club

Is there anything in life that is more valuable than your health and the health of their loved ones?

Coral club international (Coral Club International) – offers to arm a simple, effective system of preservation of health and active longevity, using the best products that have emerged thanks to the Nobel laureates and many other great scientist.

The range of Coral Club International of biologically active food supplements, organic foods, beauty products, manufactured in the USA, Canada and Japan.

The Company’s products are certified in Ukraine, Russia and many CIS countries and the European Union, which confirms their safety.

The whole point of the company philosophy: to help people around the world who want to take care of their health and to teach other people the concept of health – the methods of its restoration and preservation.

Coral Club is a community of like-minded people (club members) who have a common goal to improve themselves, their families and friends, learn a simple technique of restoration and preservation of health, youth and beauty.

Coral Club provides free training on technologies for conservation, restoration of health and alleviation of human aging through natural health programs consisting of isklyuchitelnosttakogo products, manufactured in modern nanocluster technology that ensures all the valuable things that nature created.

The cause of aging

The cause of aging is dehydration (water loss), and loss of nutrients by the body. The water in our bodies must have certain characteristics.

Water is the number one product, its quality, without doubt, affect our lives. The use of “Alka mine” (coral water) contributes to the creation of conditions for self-healing of the body, strengthening immunity, increasing energy, and the ability to work, increased life expectancy.

Water added to coral main, he makes it safe, alkaline, living, as well as:

Adds to the water necessary for human daily intake of calcium and lack of calcium leads to 150 diseases (for example: daily norm of calcium for humans is contained in 1 kg of chalk).

Binds and removes toxins, toxins and radioactive substances is a powerful antioxidant;

Reduces the surface tension of water, which increases the absorption of nutrients;

Mineralises water (adds 70 minerals) – the most balanced mineral nutrition to person;

Connects all compounds of chlorine, salts of heavy metals, harmful impurities;

Alkalizes the water (“In alkaline water cancer cells do not develop” Otto Warburg, Nobel prize winner);

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