Traditional medicine. Eyes

Scientists believe that by 2020, the year we all become myopic! Today even babies are striking senile diseases — cataract, glaucoma, degeneration of the retina. We will explain how to avoid these dangerous diseases.

In our film unique facts, experiments, discoveries, useful tips, paradoxes of view of humans and animals. You will learn why the cat can see through walls, and people can sometimes not see what is happening under his nose. How does the eye stress? What is “tunnel” vision? And why, being in the dark, we do not feel the taste of food?

Ali Yunusov was born the same as all of us, sighted people. But the teenager fell ill and began to go blind. Desperate attempts to save the eye only delayed the tragedy. Six months ago, Ali became blind. The doctors diagnosed cataract. Operations followed one another. But apart from the complications, gave nothing. Right now, Ali wants only one thing — to see! We proposed to our hero to work with a unique device that gives the blind person a chance to identify things through language. But will Ali this device? Will our hero see the light?

It turns out that during severe stress the eyes may fail any of us. Actor Andrei Sokolov is an experienced hunter, and sharpshooter. But once the vision of the artist has failed. While hunting it almost broke the wild boar. The actor saw the boar was aiming at him, but missed every time. In a critical situation his eyes literally refused to see the purpose.

To understand what it feels to be blind, should at least once visit “in his shoes”. We decided to conduct an experiment. Invited footballer Roman Shishkin in the restaurant where darkness prevails. Let’s see how will be felt by the athlete in unfamiliar surroundings. Will he be able there to eat something and feel the taste of this food?

When a person loses the ability to see completely changes his perception of the world. He finds himself in a different coordinate system. This proves one more experiment. The football team of Russia will try to play football blind. Their opponents — the blind athletes. How to behave on the field our stars, deprived of their main reference point — of view? What will be the outcome of this match?

The film took part:

Andrey Sokolov, the actor,

Alexey Kortnev — the musician,

Valdis Pelsh — presenter,

Diana Gurtskaya — singer,

Ali Yunusov — the waiter of restaurant “In the dark”,

Igor Medvedev — a surgeon, ophthalmologist,

Michael Ostrovsky — inventor of an artificial lens,

Yuri Danilov — doctor of biological Sciences,