The influence of folk medicine on the brain

There are many traditional medicine products that improve intellectual abilities. Here are the most famous and popular.

Herbs for the brain

Herbs for memory and concentration

Ginseng is a staple of herbal medicine. This plant has a good effect on the brain . memory and relieves stress. In addition, ginseng is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Soy is considered a plant useful in itself. It contains, in particular, phospholipids, a major component of the body’s cells. Because of this, soy is found in many products that stimulate the neurons, and hence memory as a whole.

Herbs to soothe

Although buckwheat is known mainly as food (used for production of buckwheat groats, buckwheat flakes and buckwheat flour), its flowers are also used in herbal medicine. Its anti-stress properties due to the high content of vitamin B1, magnesium and phosphorus.

Hawthorn is a shrub that delights us with white flowers and red fruits. As flowers and fruits are used in herbal medicine. Due to sedative properties, hawthorn relieves stress without causing drowsiness.

Herbs for insomnia

These three plants frequently used in herbal medicine, you can usethem in the form of tablets or infusions. They all have a recognized action, and their main application is the treatment of sleep problems .


Valerian used in medicine since ancient times, Valerian root has a strong sedative effect, helping to fall asleep.

Known mainly for its beneficial effect on the digestive system, peppermint also is effective in combating insomnia. Interestingly, she also is an aphrodisiac.

Side effects of herbal medicine

You should not forget that herbal medicine, although that is part of natural medicine can also cause side effects. Some herbal products can interact with each other or with “classic” drugs.

For example, St. John’s wort can interact with digestinol, theophylline, indinavir, cyclosporin, some antidepressants, and even some contraceptive pills. Also sudden discontinuation of some herbal remedies may have adverse effect on health. So it is safer and better to consult a doctor.