Grass oregano — the usefulness and harm. Recipes of traditional medicine

It is a perennial plant with pink flowers has long been used by many people as a spice and as a medicinal herb. Oregano has many beneficial properties and a pleasant spicy aroma. As it spread throughout Eurasia, except the far North, is used very widely. Not only as a condiment and folk remedies used herb oregano. The benefits and harms of the studied its official medicine, and it is considered a good antiseptic and antiviral agent.

Description of plants

This beautiful fragrant flower can be found everywhere: on forest edges, glades, among shrubs. It likes Sunny places and often grows in extensive thickets. This plant is unpretentious and not very demanding on the soil, so in many countries, oregano is cultivated. Besides names, you can find many other: oregano, motherboard, forest mint, or a scapular. What is this weed? The plant usually grows in height from 30 to 90 centimeters, has straight reddish stems, covered with small hairs. A powerful rhizome, creeping. Find out the oregano by ovate pointed leaves with a spicy aroma. The flowers are pale pink, numerous, collected in inflorescence. This herb blooms throughout the summer.

How to use the herb oregano?

The benefits and harms its long been known in the nation. Shirohata pot used in cooking as a seasoning. It goes well with many other spices and is suitable for meat and vegetable dishes. And in Russia, oregano is added in kvass and beer. Grown and for obtaining the essential oil, which is useful in many health problems. Official medicine uses oregano for the production of cough medicine and renal diseases. But the most widely used this herb in people. Long since in Russia like tea flavored with oregano and recipes of traditional medicine very often include this plant. What can explain this?

What is the oregano?

In the flowers and greenery of this herb contains many essential oils. They contain thymol, sequiterpene, granulated and free alcohols. Oregano was found in the lot of ascorbic acid and vitamin K and tannins. Its beneficial properties are explained by the presence of a large number of carotene, iron, and manganese. In addition, oregano contains rosmarinic acid a lot, so it is a powerful antioxidant.

Useful properties of oregano

What form use this herb?