Journey to Peru. Part 2. Shamans.

From Cusco we moved into the enchanted Garden Leslie, which is still above the city of Cusco, high in the mountains in the Andes.

Garden Leslie — “cult” heavenly place. In the design of this place drawing from all possible religions, angelic and shamanic sacred symbols, symbols of rock and pacifist movement of hippies. Here everything is mixed: shaman feathers of the Condor, Jesus, Buddha, John Lennon… Grace!

Shamans are all different.

Luis was a very kind, pure, innocent like a child. Puma — erudite wit. Kush — sage.

Love and thank yourself for the ability to be in the right place at the right time:)

Shaman Puma and Coca leaves.

Shaman Luis.

Shaman Luis lives at 6000 km above sea level in the Andes, in order to perform the ceremony, he with his son and a friend traveled in 3 days. The Photo shows how they are laid out for the sale of a product made by hand. I bought a scarf.

Very glad I bought this scarf in the shaman Luis. The energy of love in it. And drawing, organizing space. However, it is not as soft and pleasant to the touch as scarves from baby Alpaca, which I bought in large quantities for myself and for gifts))

Who are the shamans?!

When a person falls ill, he turns to the doctor or the healer. In the Andes such doctors-alteranative shamans. There are a lot of hereditary shamans.

The shaman heals through his connection with the Universe, with the Cosmos and, through its connection with Nature, with the Earth, with the flora and fauna. In Peru a very rich flora: over 5000 plants. Sacred animals are: the Condor, Puma, Hummingbird, snake.

It is Gifts of Land, Gifts of Nature and the shaman uses for healing the body and soul.

The shaman pays attention to everything that happens around, all reads. It is clear why the fly at this point of the village in this place. How fell the Coca leaf, the shaman can see the deep knowledge available only to the high level of consciousness.

Shamans heal through rituals and ceremonies, using pipes, a set of feathers of the Condor, drinks from medicinal plants etc.

The most famous drink from cactus owacki and San Pedro.

From Russia to Peru a lot of people come to spiritual tours in order to know itself through the ceremony of auasi, etc.

The beauty of the garden Leslie allows you to experience the process is much deeper.

Milk for ceremonies.

These red flowers hummingbirds love: blue birds are the size of my finger. Wildlife photography they failed, but they are here in large numbers)))

Next to the Garden Leslie is the Temple of the moon (thousands of km high in the Andes mountains).

This is a women’s Temple. And it’s a cave, it was created by nature in the rock.

At the top of the cave there is a hole through which penetrates the Light of the moon shining on the ledge of the correct form inside the cave. There inside the many sacred symbols carved on the surfaces again by nature.

Shaman Puma has said very touching words that come to men to apologize to women for conscious and unconscious resentment.

This place is a Portal.