Physical therapy based on the effects of physical rather than chemical factors on the patient’s body for therapeutic purposes.

Physiotherapy is particularly relevant in the treatment of chronic diseases do not respond well to medical treatment, in pain, some gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also in pulmonology. Usually, physiotherapy to complement drug treatment.

Is provided with 4 groups of physical therapy depending on the active substances applied:

Laser therapy

Magnetic therapy



In the clinic “Family health” you will find all the main types of physiotherapy:

Galvanization is a treatment of electric current of low power, which is able to provide analgesic effect, improve blood circulation, beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Iontophoresis – a treatment in which through current through the skin or mucous membranes are injected drugs. Despite the use of small doses of medicine, they have a lasting restorative effect on the body. Also in our clinic it is possible to electrophoresis with mud applicator.

DDT, or diadynamic therapy method treatment current of 50 Hz and 100 Hz. Has a pronounced analgesic effect.


Inductothermy– the treatment of the two currents, which are used in such a way that overlap each other and contribute to the improvement of blood circulation and metabolism.

Laser therapy, or phototherapy, has anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and analgesic effect, accelerates the recovery processes of the body.

Magnetic therapy is based on the static magnetic field. Magnetic therapy is successfully used for gynecological, oftalmologicheskiy, ENT diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Magnetic-laser therapy – a treatment based on low-intensity laser radiation. Anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic effect.

Sinusoidal modulated currents penetrate deeply into tissue and are used to alleviate pain, improve the tone of cerebral vessels and arterial blood flow.

Phonophoresis is ultrasonic therapy in which instead of gel for ultrasound applied medications, which helps ultrasound to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

It should be remembered that each physiotherapeutic method has its indications and contraindications, so if you want to spend physiotherapeutic procedure should first consult your doctor.