The category “alternative medicine”

To control diabetes, prevent complications and prevent the progression of pathological processes induced by metabolic disorders, not only through traditional methods of therapy.

Alternative healing does not mean risky and dangerous: simply such methods are not always clinically tested and recommended by official medicine.

Non-traditional methods include:

Treatment of starvation: the radical method, which is triggered lipid metabolism, and pancreas are given time to rest and restore;

Acupuncture (point massage) – the impact on the reflex, biologically active points of the body to start the natural mechanisms of healing the body;

Phytotherapy – herbal treatment and herbal drugs (especially topical this technique for patients who are contraindicated for traditional medicines);

Tibetan medicine – treatment based on restoring the energy balance in the body through certain food products;

Chinese qigong is another way to restore the correct flow of energy “qi” in the energy system of the body;

Yoga specialneeds (asanas) to correct the metabolic disorders and prevent complications;

Ayurveda – Indian medicine;

Hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches;


Intense sports activities: some patients are able to control the level of insulin, bodybuilding or doing other active sports.

It should be understood that the practice of these complementary methods of treatment only with the permission of the attending physician. The defining criteria for continuation of therapy alternative methods should not only be how the patient feels, but his vitals (glucose, ketone bodies, etc.).

The course of fasting it is desirable to be fully under medical supervision. Especially important the first days and a smooth transition from fasting to normal diet. Acupressure, acupuncture, hirudotherapy should practice experienced specialists: it is advisable to contact a well-known medical institutions having only good reviews and extensive clientele.