In Moscow, died a famous healer Djuna Davitashvili

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky said today that was not known healer of June Davitashvili. She was 65 years old. Before the birthday Djuna has not lived a month and a half. According to the June friend, the healer to death two days spent in a coma.

“The ambulance took her straight to the Arbat – it came out in the neighbouring house the store to buy to eat there and she became ill. A few days ago she was brought from the hospital, where he operated, there were serious problems with the blood, she had been, — his hands were cold as dead,” wrote longtime friend of June.

However, Sadalsky writes, she had long been dead. “She died then together with Vakhtang — the soul, the body is not lived, and lived, the energy it took to heal she could not, quickly went blind. Chekhov, it seems, said that a man dies as many times as he loses people dear to him. The death of his son juna did not survive. Goodbye, my dear. Thank you for everything, for our youth, for life, for love, for the warmth of your great hands and great hearts,” wrote the actor.

The source surrounded by the June Davitashvili, confirmed the newspaper’s information about the death of a famous psychic, refused to give details. He argued that the detailed story about the circumstances of care the June of life “signed an exclusive contract with one of the Central TV channels”.

At different times out a well-known healer asked Leonid Brezhnev, Ilya Glazunov, Robert de Niro, Marcello Mastroianni, Andrei Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini and many other famous people. In 2001, she lost her only son. Since then to treat Djuna couldn’t and lived a recluse.

June (Eugene yuvasena) Davitashvili — healer, astrologer, artist, poet, President of the International Academy of alternative Sciences, subsequently declared herself the Queen of the Assyrian people. One of the songs on poems of June Davitashvili – “Birch, birch, magic tears” performed in 1980-ies famous composer (music including this song) Vladimir mihuleni.