The properties of the Oil of andiroba

I think many residents of our latitudes know of such a plant as the tree crab, or Andiroba Carapa Guiana. However, the beneficial properties of oil of andiroba was able to hear much. Crab tree andiroba grows in the South American region and is a deciduous tree that grows everywhere in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Guyana and French Guiana. Andiroba is an evergreen tree that often reaches a height of 30 meters.

The diameter of the trunk of andiroba usually equals one meter. In the region of growth is widely use highly durable wood plants. In addition, very popular and the demand is vegetable oil andiroba, which is obtained through cold pressing of fruit plants. Antirobe the fruit pulp contains significant amounts of vegetable oil, which is enriched useful for the human body compounds.

Oil antirobe by resembles other vegetable oils and has a yellow color and a characteristic nutty smell. On taste vegetable oil antirobe bitter. It should be noted that andiroba oil differs in its chemical composition, which contains a record number of fatty acids. The chemical composition of oil antirobe obogascheniya F and in addition to the rich content of stearic, oleic, linolenic, myristic and linoleic acids.

Oil antirobe unique in that it contains in its chemical composition of such compounds as alkaloids, triterpenes, and tannins, indirubin, limonoid and karupin. It should be noted that due to the content gedunin oil andiroba possesses antimalarial properties, as for example compounds containing quinine. Andiroba oil has anti-allergic, antiseptic, and in addition insektitsidnye abilities.

Oil antirobe for thousands of years used in the region the growth of plants in health, beauty and culinary purposes. Andiroba oil has a beneficial effect on the human body, but also AIDS in the treatment and prevention of several diseases. Andiroba oil can accelerate the healing process and has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal effect.

The use of oil antirobe helps to improve blood circulation. In folk medicine of South America oil antirobe used in the treatment of malaria and also arthritis, acne, dermatitis, sprains, deep injuries of the skin and muscular pain and sores. In cooking, use refined, i.e. purified, double-oil antirobe that its properties are not different from other types of cooking oils.

The caloric value of fat of andiroba 884 kcal.

Energy value of Oil andiroba (the Ratio of proteins, fats, carbs):